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Emsisoft HiJackFree 4.5

HiJackFree can identify and remove all malicious programs from your PC
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HiJackFree by Emsisoft can help you to identify and remove all malicious programs and viruses that may be running in the background on your PC trying to steal or harm your important data, like your credit card details, passwords, etc. Most keylogger programs, which can record everything you type using your keyboard - including your e-mail IDs and password, - automatically load themselves without your permission or showing any prompt right when you start your PC. Even when using the Windows' default task manager, it is not so easy to differentiate between harmless and harmful programs or processes running on your PC. HiJackFree can help you to spot all malicious programs and ActiveX components on Windows startup and to remove the unwanted ones.

Its built-in filters - with the help of an Internet connection - enable you to identify Microsoft's trusted applications. You can also start, stop, or disable any of the services or programs found running on your PC. However, you should not play much with the services or process entries found by the program, or you might make your operating system crash permanently, requiring a system re-install. It also gives you a very detailed view of all the running programs, including their developer’s name, file version, and their location within your system's folders to help you find the executable file of a suspected program. You can also export the list of malicious programs found as a text or HTML file, for forwarding, or for later use. Finally, you can try switching to high priority mode if the program freezes randomly while loading the programs list.

Shortly, the program is a very useful tool to identify the programs running on your PC, and it helps you remove any suspects - remember, however, that the last decision is yours only, as the program works manually.

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